I’m going to be speaking at The Blogger Point Brunch and Seminar this weekend (Sunday to be exact) and I’m so excited. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at a couple of events last year and this is my second speaking event of the year (the first one was at the Mercedes Benz Beauty Business … Continue Reading

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s video! Today, I will be showing you how to get this easy back to school makeup look. It’s super easy and quick to do and very easy to glam up for the night. I created this look thinking of people who had only 10/15 to get out the door … Continue Reading


After plenty thinking and editing, I have decided to share my summer 17 music playlist! If you know me and if you read my 6 ways I like to unwind post, you know I love music. I have always loved music and everything that comes with it. Listening to music, reading music reviews, watching artist … Continue Reading

Welcome to today’s video! Today, I’ll be showing you how to make your body GLOW with a diy shimmer/shimmery body oil. This diy shimmer body oil is what I used on my skin when I filmed the OmogeMuRa Summer Lookbook and I got a lot of compliments on my skin so I decided to share … Continue Reading

Money, money money! That’s what today’s post is all about. When I tell people I’m a blogger/content creator/influencer, the first question that I get is ‘How do you make money?’. People are generally interested in how to make money but when it comes to blogging, they are more than interested – they are fascinated. They … Continue Reading

After a long day of editing, meetings and/or going to events, I need to unwind and de-stress from it all. Everyone has different ways they shut off from the world but these are my 6 favorite ways to do so. They may seem simple not that spectacular but they do help me and go a … Continue Reading

Kaduna! If you told me I would be going to KD this year, I would have laughed and gone back to sleep. But yeah, I travelled to Kaduna for my friend’s wedding. Michi and I have been friends since uni, in fact, we were in the same department (Communications and Multimedia Studies) and we even … Continue Reading

Welcome to today’s video! Today, I’ll be recreating the wedding guest makeup look I created for my friend’s wedding. This look was a HUGE hit on Twitter so I decided to recreate for you to see and do on your own. Also, I’ll be sharing my favorite tips and tricks on how to make your … Continue Reading


As a fashion blogger, I know the struggle of looking for and finding trendy and affordable clothing. Nobody has money to be dropping on clothes I won’t wear again. That’s why when I found Yoins and they reached out to me, I was so so happy. They have an amazing range of fashion dresses for women online like … Continue Reading

Two piece skort set: Shein(similar HERE) | Sunglasses: Haute Signature Photos by Winston If you haven’t watched my summer lookbook, my dear, what are you doing with ya life? This is one of the outfits I wore for the lookbook and it is one of my faves. It’s perfect for the summer and for walking … Continue Reading