#HeinekenLFDW 2017 Announces Fashion Focus Talks

Guysssssss, #HeinekenLFDW 2017 is coming! As usual, I’ll be giving you all the low down on everything you need to know about #HeinekenLFDW 2017 This season will be kicking off with the Fashion Focus Talks and HLFDW Fashion Focus Scouting. Fashion Focus will be hosting informative talks and panels featuring established creatives across Lagos, Enugu, … Continue Reading

Review – Baija Paris Body Scrub

Hey guys! Welcome to the weekly beauty review! Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Baija Paris Body Scrub. I was gifted this scrub two weeks ago when I went for a pamper session with Gemology Paris courtesy Serah’s Beauty Secrets. Check out my last vlog to see more about that Baija Paris … Continue Reading