Celebrating Halloween isn’t a big deal in other parts of the world but here in Nigeria, it is. Nigeria is very superstitious country and to the common Nigerian, celebrating/taking part of Halloween means you’re a devil worshiping member of the occult.

*face palm*

I really need Nigerians to do better. I remember when StyleMeAfrica reposted one of my Halloween videos on their IG page last year. The comments I got? Deep. Some people were insulting me and saying I was inviting the devil to come and ‘dine with me’. Up till today, I don’t know how dressing up as a zombie or demon is inviting the devil to come and dine with me.

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Halloween is my favorite time of the year because I get to play around, pratice my SFX makeup skills and just allow myself to create and be creative. Here are a couple of reasons why I celebrate Halloween. And it’s not because I am a devil worshipping member of the occult

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This is only time of the year that I’m allowed to practice my SFX makeup skills. I mean, I could wake up on a random day and start using gelatin and liquid latex to create scars and melting skin but October/Halloween allows me to do more than that. You see, making Halloween videos and tutorials mean I have to perfect whatever sfx skill I’m trying to learn. Before I film a look, I have to practice whatever I’m doing at least 3 times and I have to show my friends and family to get their approval. That way, whatever I’m showing you guys isn’t just okay, it’s good. Very good. And this in turn sharpens my skills and makes me better.

Halloween also allows the creative side of me to truly flourish and bloom. If you’re a makeup artist/enthusiast, you will agree with me when I say that makeup can get boring. Reallllly boring. How many ways can you do a black smokey eye? A glossy lip? Highlight and contour? I get bored easily and doing the same steps and routines over and over again drives me crazy. With SFX makeup tho, you’re doing something completely different. You’re creating new shapes, using crazy colors and playing whole new different characters. This excites me so much and I’m always looking forward to Halloween to flex my creative muscles.

Who doesn’t like to dress up and have fun? I do and Halloween is the perfect time of the year for me to do that. I get to put on some crazy makeup, put together a great costume and go out and have fun. Dressing up and putting on makeup is my thing – Halloween allows me to be shameless and go all out as I do it.

Those are my 3 reasons for celebrating Halloween. I’m pretty sure I have more but these are my 3 main reasons. My first Halloween tutorial will be going up TOMORROW so SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss it!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Why do you do it? And if you don’t, why not? Let me know your answers, thoughts and more in the comment section below!


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