A cocktail dress is perhaps the most versatile item in every girl’s wardrobe. It can be worn at formal and semi-formal events and if you feel like it, you can simply wear it on a regular day. While cocktail dresses will never go out of style, remember that you have other options to wear them in an effort to be more fashion-forward. You can add a fun edge to your dress by wearing the right accessories!

How will you do the trick? There are three factors to consider when accessorizing a cocktail dress; the color, the style, and the length. In this post, we will give you some tips on how to complement a cocktail dress the right way given the three things mentioned above.

1.Choose an accessory color that goes well with the color of your dress

A red cocktail dress will look good with any black or silver jewelry. Red can be an overwhelming color and you need something to tone it down. If you want to pull off a dress with a hard color like gold, it is best to consider pearls and rhinestones. Don’t go for gold and silver. Save your gold jewels for cream and white dresses. For the all-time classic LBD, you may want to wear a leather jacket or any piece of clothing that will make you more comfortable. Cocktail dresses that are too short will look great with tights.

2. Choose an accessory according to the style of your cocktail dress

A halter-neck dress will look awkward with a necklace. The same goes for one-shoulder and lace sleeves dresses. But you can still highlight your dress by focusing on other areas of the body. Wear a beautiful pair of shoes or an elegant-looking pair of earrings. A necklace would be perfect for strapless cocktail dresses. If you want to know which styles of cocktail dresses will be the trend in 2017, visit teranicouture.com. They have a great deal of cocktail dresses to choose from!

3. Consider length when choosing a pair of shoes or any accouterment

In general,we imagine cocktail dresses as short dresses but historically speaking, cocktail dresses are so long that they touch the ankle. Tea-length dresses, the most common type of cocktail dress we know today, were invented as an alternative to those floor-sweeping gowns. You may also want to consider length when choosing your foot apparel. Your shoes can either make or break your entire look. Choose a sandal with details if you have a very simple dress or go the other way around. Wear a simple pair of shoes when your dress already has some details in it.

What do you think of this post? Are you excited to put on your cocktail dress? Follow these tips and you will never go wrong with that little dress you have always wanted to wear.

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