Whether the air outside is dry or you just want to keep something on the lips, lip balm offers several benefits:

  1. When you have lip balm on, it can help the lips heal faster. You might see cracks on the lips or redness that won’t go away, but when you apply lip balm, you’ll see that these issues quickly disappear. As long as you keep the balm on the lips, then these issues can be prevented.
  2. Lip balm gives a canvas for lipstick that is soft and smooth. If the lips are cracked, then it can be difficult to apply lipstick. It can also give a delicate shine to the lipstick after it’s applied. The balm also makes it a little easier to get the makeup off the lips at the end of the day.
  3. Many lip balms offer an SPF protection and this will help to prevent the lips from getting sunburned whether it’s a hot and sunny day or a cloudy day as you can still get burnt even if the sun isn’t out all day.
  4. Most of the lip balms that you find now have a little bit of color. This will help to keep the lips looking as healthy as possible, especially if you have a pale complexion. Added color can bring out the details to the lips that other types of makeup don’t offer.

I recommend using EOS Lip balm as they come in different flavors and don’t leave a chalky taste on the lips during the day. Most balms come in a small stick, but EOS comes in a ball that glides over the lips.

EOS lip balm is the subject of a class-action lawsuit.

You get buy your own EOS lip balm from the The Beauty Boon website – BeautyBoon

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