Shopping is a favorite pastime of many and with every season there are changes in trends. The top fashion houses come out with new designs all the time and then go on sale at your local designer clothing store right before the appropriate season. There are always new styles and trends to try and this summer is no different. This article will showcase several designer trends that you should give a try this summer.

  1. BathrobesOnce popular in the 1980s, bathrobes are back on the runway as a top fashion accessory. Whether you wear one as a trenchcoat, raincoat, or simply comfort, bathrobes are the hottest in summer fashion. Some are even using their bathrobe as a beach cover up while on vacation. Models have styled their bathrobes on runways with simple garments such as dresses and heels. The most popular of colors in the bathrobe trend is purple.
  2. High-waisted bikinis.Another blast from the past, high-waisted bikinis have made a comeback. Whether you are a larger woman or one that prefers to wear a string bikini, you can find comfort and style this summer in a high-waist design. Patterns that are the most popular are florals, stripes, and polka dots
  3. White dresses.This summer white dresses are not just reserved for those who are getting married. In fact, clean and crisp white dresses are very popular this season. The preppy and classic look is paired with espadrilles or wedges and a straw hat. Be sure to accessorize with some blue jewels and a brown belt
  4. Anklets.Wearing an anklet has always been popular in beach towns or in the summer months. This summer it is even more popular than ever before. In the past, anklets have been made of colored thread. Now designer fashion houses are creating anklets out of higher class materials such as gold and silver. In fact, on the runway, Hermes models wore anklets wrapped around their ankle several times for a layered look. Paired with heels, sandals, or even flip flops, anklets are the perfect accessory to add to any casual outfit
  5. StripesThe summer months lend themselves to nautical decor and beach themes. This summer, bright, bold stripes are all the rage and celebrities all over the world are donning flocks with stripes. Paired with sandals, sneakers, or wedges, a striped dress is a great, classic look.

There are many great fashion trends that come out every season. The best way to stay ahead of the fashion game is to watch designer fashion shows, read magazines such as Vogue and Elle, and watch your favorite designers on social media channels. Make sure that you budget accordingly so that you can dress in the newest trends each season. A key to doing so is to buy classic pieces that can be paired with one or two designer trendy items. This way you do not have to worry about draining your bank account but you will still be fashionable.

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