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My friends all know me as someone who loves to dress in leggings and a tee but lately, I’ve fallen in love with dresses. Maybe it’s because of how easy a nice and simple dress can be. Or maybe I’m growing up and leaving the legging and tee life behind. Whatever the reason may be, dresses are fast becoming a staple in my wardrobe and Rosegal has got a dress for every occasion (even special occasion dresses).

Rosegal and I have partnered together to show you my favorite dresses that are perfect for every occasion PLUS they provided a discount code to save some money when you order. Use offer code RGEN at checkout to get 10% off your order. Here’s a bit of advice – Rosegal is currently having a HUGE summer sale where you can get clothing, shoes, swimwear, bags and more starting from 33% off. Order something from that section, apply the offer code RGEN and you have saved a lot of money and you’ll have yourself some nice new clothes.

Here are 5 dresses that are perfect for every occasion. I’m a rebel so I would wear anything at anytime but I have provided a little guide in case you were

 1. For running errands 

This cute and simple tank top dress is perfect for running errands. No fuss, no fight.

2. For date night with bae

This denim cold shoulder dress is easy, laid back and perfect for date night with bae.

3. For poolside drinks with the girls 

For when you’re sipping on cocktails by the pool of a fancy hotel, slip into something flowy and floral to fit the vibe.

4. For the office cocktail party 

The year is ending and office parties are coming up. Make a statement in this yellow ruffle cocktail dress.

5. For busy days at the office 

Want to be that #girlboss that slays? This blue knot dress fits in perfectly into any office environment.

What do you think of my dress choices? I would honestly wear any of these in a heartbeat! Don’t forget, you can get 10% off your order on Rosegal using the offer code RGEN at checkout. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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