There are many reasons you might get an eternity ring in 2017. Perhaps you want your partner to know that you are committed but you are not yet ready to pop the question of marriage. Maybe you are going to be traveling overseas for a period of time to work or go to school but you want to make sure that your lover has a token of your devotion before you leave. Maybe you are too young to marry. Whatever your reasons are, there are many wonderful eternity ring styles out on the market that are sure to express your love and devotion. This post will highlight some popular styles in 2017.

French Pave Diamond


A lovely ring that is made for those who like small, delicate, but beautiful things. This type of eternity band sparks fire within one’s soul as the diamonds sparkle and shine in the light. It is certainly a style that is likely to put a smile on anyone’s face. While they can be expensive because of the diamond details, you can get this type of ring in various metals which can cut down on the cost. If you do not have a budget, platinum would work best. If you are on a budget, consider white gold or silver for a less expensive version.


Using your wife’s favorite gemstone for her anniversary eternity band is a great idea. Some love their birth gemstone or the gemstone of their children much more than diamonds. While gemstone bands may seem to be a bit more inexpensive, this is not always the case depending on the size of gemstone that you purchase as well as its elements. If you are low on funds but want to purchase a nice ring, you can get a lab created gemstone band for a great price.


A popular trend lately is the stackable eternity band. This means that you will wear several bands made of a variety of different stones to create a unique and stylish look. You can purchase these type of rings in a set or individually from many stores. If you are simply going for a stylish gift that does not need to withstand the test of time, you can check local shops like Macy’s for an inexpensive stackable set. However, if you are interested in the set lasting for awhile, you will want to go with a reputable jeweler


If you are into Celtic design and love that type of style, there are many unique rings that are available on the market that would appeal to your taste. Whether you want the band to be made of your favorite metal or infused with stones, there is something on the market for anyone.

Black Diamonds

While the regular crystal clear diamond is still the most popular stone on the market today, black, or chocolate diamonds are also very popular as a stone in an eternity band. If your loved one likes to be trendy and up on the latest fashions, the black diamond look is the way to go.

So what did you think of this post? Do you like it? Which eternity ring style would you like to get? Let me know in the comment section below!


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