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Last week, I got treated to a lovely facial at Apples and Oranges Spa. It’s been awhile since I got a facial and my skin desperately needed one – my skin was looking dull and lackluster and my skincare products weren’t doing much for me.

After the facial, I noticed instant results; my skin was smooth, supple and glowy. I felt like a new woman and my skin was helping me achieve all my goals and dreams. I know that’s a reach about a simple skin treatment but a facial can do so much for your skin and health.

That’s why I put together this post to tell you guys the 5 reasons why you should be getting regular facials. I figured a lot of people were like me – just winging their skincare and hoping for the best or they don’t know why they should get facials. They are important and very key if you want good skin.

1. You get to know your skin a little better

It’s easy to look in the mirror and guess the type of skin you have but a trained aesthetician will assess your skin and let you know exactly what’s going on. During your facial, he/she will be able to advise you on what products you should be using for your skin and regular visits to the spa will guarantee you’ll understand what’s happening with your skin over time. Facials are like doctors visits for your skin – you get to see how far you’ve come, get advice on what else you should do and you walk away with glowy and clear skin after your treatment.

2. You get the most out of your skincare

Over time, your pores get clogged to a point of no return and creams and serums just glide over them. This is where a good facial comes in – the aesthetician will use professional grade products to unclog your pores and exfoliate your skin. By maintaining smooth skin and refined pores, your skincare will absorb properly and do what it is meant to do – leave you looking flawless.

3. You get instant results

This is my skin just an hour after the facial. Check out the glow!

Facials give your skin immediate results. If you have a big event and you need to look your best, a good facial can provide just what you’re looking for. Everytime I have a big event coming up, I always try to get a facial to give my skin that youthful glow it needs.

4. You get to treat your serious skin issues with professional grade products and treatments 

Do you have LED treatment at home?

There are some skin ailments that can’t be solved with an over the counter serum or acid – you need to call in the big guns for that. Getting a regular facial will help treat and heal your skin with issues like sun damage, mila, rosacea, loss of firmness and elasticity.

5. You get to relax

One of the best parts of getting a facial is the fact that you get to relax. Your aesthetician will treat your skin and also give you an amazing face massage that will relax your muscles and increase blood circulation to your face. With all the hustle and bustle of Lagos, who doesn’t need a good relaxing facial to take the stress away?

Apples and Oranges have a wide variety of facial treatments to suit everyone’s need. Some of their treatments includes the Brightness Re-balancing Treatment which lifts, stabilizes and brightens the complexion. They also have the Hydréclat Moisturizing & Brightening Treatment;  a moisturising treatment that makes the skin glow and tightens the skin’s pores. I got the Fruit Acid Peeling Treatment for purifying and renewing marked skin (I got a lot of acne scars) and was very satisfied with the results. The aesthetician treated me well and explained everything she did to my skin. I would highly recommend Apples and Oranges Spa to everyone.

Apples and Oranges are located at 10 Balarabe Musa Crescent, Off Samuel Manuwa, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. If you go there because of me, please say my name or the blog name (OmogeMuRa) and you will get a special discount ^_^

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