Is there a better holiday than Halloween? Seriously, what other holiday allows you to dress up like your favorite social media celebrity or your favorite ghoul and run around asking for candy? Okay, so adults aren’t technically supposed to go trick-or-treating, but you can still eat tons of candy while jumping from Halloween party to Halloween party. With costume contests and an image to uphold, you better make sure that your look stands out from the rest, whether it be a hard-hitting political reference or a funny pun that only your closest friends will get. Here are 6 great Halloween costume ideas.

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1. Go Silly

If the parties you plan on attending are more keggers than anything else, you may want to go with a look that is silly and comfortable. Halloween onesies are always a good idea; not only are they funny, they are also super easy to put on, cozy, and the perfect last-minute look. Just do up your hair, zip up that onesie, and call it a day!

2. Look to the Movies

So many movies out there are ideal for Halloween costumes, but make sure that you go with something everyone will recognize. That one obscure movie from the 1970s might be your favorite, but if no one else has seen it, your costume is going to be overlooked. Still not sure? Maybe dress like Megan with her nine puppies from Bridesmaids, Pennywise the Clown from It (or any of the kids from the recent It reboot), Furiosa or Max from Mad Max, anyone from Addams Family Values, or seriously any character from a Pixar movie.

3. Look to Music

The music industry gives us a lot of options when it comes to Halloween. Have more than one party to attend? Go to each one as a different Taylor Swift. You know, maybe dress as Taylor from her country days for one party, and dress as Taylor from her Shake it Off  video from another and dress as the current Look What You Made Me Do Taylor for the biggest party. You can do the same thing with other stars, like Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and Britney Spears. For male music stars, choose from guys like Prince, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Freddie Mercury, or Jay Z.

4. Go for a Realty TV Reference

Reality TV is full of people that everyone will most likely recognize, so you definitely have a lot of options. Is there a show on right now that everyone you know watches and is obsessed with? Choose someone from that. Maybe that means dressing like one of the Kardashians or dressing like a Bachelor contestant; perhaps it means pulling out an older Jersey Shore reference by dressing like Snookie. Whichever you do, you will definitely be a hit at the party.

5. Go with a Meme

Memes are instantly recognizable, so dressing up as one for Halloween will get you a lot of fans. You can go as the blinking white guy meme (you know, the one everyone uses to convey shock and confusion), which is really easy, because you can wear whatever you want. You just have to make sure to get a blond wig, some facial hair and practice your best bemused expression. Or you can be the Salt Bae, where all you have to do is just wear some jeans and a white shirt, and sprinkle some salt with attitude. Bam! You have a costume!

6. Go Royal

While you can certainly go all out and dress like a King or Queen, we think it is a lot funnier and creative to dress as one of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids. For instance, you can dress up like their youngest, Princess Charlotte, from when the family took a tour of Poland and Germany. On the last day when they were leaving Hamburg, the little princess was totally over the trip and had a bit of a tantrum, where she stomped her feet and started crying before she threw herself on the ground. To pull off this look, find an adult babydoll dress from Etsy, white ankle socks and some red Mary Janes, add a short blond wig with a little bow, and bust out your best two-year-old tantrum. People may not get it right away, but once they do, chances are yours will be one of their favorite costumes of the night.

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