So I got a new job (yay me) and I automatically wanted to go shopping for a new work wardrobe. Every time I move to a new place, get a new job or even have a new friend, I want to go shopping for clothes. Something in me wants to appear brand new and look ‘my best’. It’s probably my insecurities coming to play but I love to shop anyway so whatever.

I’m also really good at online window shopping. I just stare at stuff, add them to my cart. Because OmogeMuRa is my outlet for my love of fashion and beauty, here are a list of stuff in my cart that I’m about to checkout.

NOTE – I have started using affiliate links in my posts. They help me make a little money when you buy from the sites I link here. As always, I will never recommend stuff I actually don’t want to buy or think are not good. Support ya girl small and shop 🙂

1. This cute floral dress


I now have a thing for floral print (as I type this post, I am wearing a floral skirt) and as soon as I saw this dress, I wanted it. My office is very laid back and casual so I would like to surprise people and look ‘dressed up’ once in a while. This dress works perfectly as well cos it’s very versatile and easy to take from work to play. Buy HERE

2. This print top


I told you guys that my office is pretty laid back, right? This is the kinda stuff I can get away with at the office. The open back may be an issue with my bra strap but I could always wear a blazer on it. Plus, this pairs nicely with a pair of black jean and heels. Buy HERE

3. This pink peplum top


I want to add more color to my wardrobe (I wear a lot of blacks, blues and greys) so this pink top would be a pop of color in my dark wardrobe. I also like peplum tops (don’t know why). Buy HERE

4.  These pants


I have no office/tailored pants. I have a thing for well tailored pants. I really like how nicely they fit and how they make me look grown up. What I really like about these pants is the color. Buy HERE

5. Another pair of pants


What make this one different from the other one is that this one has pockets! It also looks comfy and cute. Isn’t that a good reason to buy anything? Buy HERE

6. This peplum skirt


I told you guys I have a thing for peplums so it’s only fair I add another peplum outfit to the list. I have a very similar skirt to this one; in fact the only difference is that the other one has a floral print (which I wore in this post). A black skirt is awesome cos it goes with EVERYTHING. Buy HERE

7. This flared skirt


I have dreams of owning a skirt like this and that dream may just come true. It’s made from jersey which means it is soft and easy to wear. The only downer about this skirt is that it foes not have pockets. Buy HERE

That’s it for my shopping/wishlist. I’ll be sharing more posts like this. I’m trying to expand on the content I put out on OmogeMuRa and make it more personal. Do you like lists like this? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay fab!


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I have a pink peplum top exactly like that one.
I want to get some jersey skirts and comfy pants too.
I really like the peplum skirt, they always look so good with heels.


Peplum skirts are so sexy! Legit waiting for payday so I can buy the skirt.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Any thoughts?