Hey guys! Welcome to a new Adventures in Lagos post. In today’s post, I’ll be talking about my stay at the lovely Cotton Suites hotel, located in Victoria Island, Lagos. Bookings Nigeria hooked me up with a three night stay at the hotel during the just concluded Lagos Fashion Week.

I stayed in a deluxe room with another blogger, Lade (who is pretty awesome btw). The bed was big and comfy and the toilets were neat and clean. Getting ready and going for the shows from the hotel was so simple and easy – we were literally 8 mins away from the Lagos Fashion Week tents.

The room we shared was very spacious and nice. It has a TV, AC, a chest drawer, fridge, wardrobe, safe and more.

Did you know that Cotton Suites and 411 (the restaurant) are actually together? Like in the same compound? That meant amazing meals and great food all the time. We had breakfast on the second day and I loved it.


I love the fact the the hotel has this beautiful garden space when you first enter the hotel. I love when hotels and restaurants incorporate a green vibe into their place. Gardens get me all the time.

The green garden vibes were also included in the outside restaurant space. The space is perfect for having a drink with friends, pre-wedding photoshoots and more. I love green spaces and Cotton Suites has a beautiful green space.

If you ever need to book anything travel related – from a simple staycation to a big budget holiday in Dubai or New York, holla at Bookings Nigeria. It’s so easy to book – just enter your arrival/departure dates, the area you want and they will give you a list of hotels/flights that matches your details! It’s so simple.

Shoutout to Bookings Nigeria and Cotton Suites for an amazing stay. It was well worth it and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Have you ever used Bookings Nigeria to book a flight and/or hotel before? What choices do you make when picking a hotel? Let me know everything (and more) in the comment section below!


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