Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to the Jaekel House Museum, located in the railway compound in Ebute Metta. I’ve been there soooo many times for events, picnics and movies and this is the first time I’ve ever been inside the house/museum. You’re not allowed to take pictures inside (side-eye) but I took a few of the inside and plenty of the outside.

The Jaekel House Museum is a restored classic colonial mansion that is now a mini Museum and hosts a permmanent photo Exhibition. The photos there celebrate the prime of the Nigerian Railway Corporation during colonial times.Jaekel House was named after late Francis Jaekel, a former superintendent of the Corporation, who retired in the seventies after almost thirty years of service.

The Jaekel House grounds are big and is a host for several events such as JamesonConnects, the SheLeadsAfrica Slay Festival, picnic and movie nights and more. It’s a great alte place to have events because it’s so removed from Lagos and all the hustle and bustle. It’s calm, beautiful and perfect.

I always go here whenever I have the chance. It’s a great flashback to our history as Nigerians and the museum documents the past so very well. I was awed looking at the photographs and learning about what a great railroad system we had. What happened? How did everything fall apart?


Would I recommend you go there? Yes! Go alone if you want to visit the museum and learn or go with friends when they host their picnic and movie nights. Carry a mat and take your food and drink (there are usually vendors there but it’s always good to have your own food).

Have you ever been to Jaekel House? What do think? Let me know in the comment section below!

Stay fab!


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I never heard of Jaekel House Museum until after I left Naija last year. I’m sure I would have enjoyed a visit there.


Jaekel House is absolutely wonderful if you’re interested in Nigerian history. If you come back to Nigeria, you should def visit it.


I have a love/ hate relationship with Ebutte-Metta/ Yaba.
I should go there before it becomes “mainstream”


You should lool

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