As an creative entrepreneur, I don’t have an office. An office to me is anywhere with my laptop, wifi, AC and sometimes, food. The closest place to an office for me is the Agoro Odiyan branch of Cafe Neo. I go here like every other week when I’m tired of sitting at my dining table working. I get stir crazy when I stay in a place for too long so I visit Cafe Neo often.

Cafe Neo reminds me of the coffee shops I used to work out of in New York. Cozy, comfy and a great place to work out of. I would sit for hours writing up my assignments while is snowed like crazy outside. The wifi was always good at these cafes and the donuts? To DIE for!

If there is anything I like about this place, it’s the people I meet there. I always end up chatting with people about work and ideas. I’ve met photographers, editors, graphic designers, mobile app designers and other entrepreneurs. It makes me feel good that I’m not alone in this ‘boss lady/man’ life’. Being an entrepreneur is a scary thing, especially in Nigeria/Lagos. Nothing prepares you for the challenges you meet everyday. No amount of business experience prepares you for Lagos.

If you go to Cafe Neo, get a caramel frappe (with whipped cream) and a smoked chicken sandwich. Those are my favorite things to eat when I work there.

Are there any other cafes I should check out in Lagos? Do let me know in the comment section below! I’m looking for new places in Lagos to work out.

Please note that if I have to spend over 5k to work there and they don’t serve coffee, that’s not a cafe and that is a restaurant.

Stay fab!



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