This past weekend, me and Tunde went to Stranger to visit The Fish Lady and eat some fish. If you’ve never eaten fish from The Fish LAdy before, where have you been?

The Fish Lady makes Cameroonian style fish. It is spicy, tasty and so full of flavour and love. You can get either crocker or tilapia and at different price points. The sides are so yummy as well. You could get boli, regular chips, fried plantain or plantain tape. The most interesting side is the bobolo, a cassava paste. I’ve heard it’s tasty but I have never tried it out.

Would I recommend you go there? YES. The fish is tasty, the ambiance it very nice plus, Stranger is a cool place to go to and chill.

Have you ever eaten at Stranger before? Have you ever had Cameroonian fish before? Let me know in the comment sectio below!

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