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Last month, my boyfriend and I attended the Lagos Grill and BBQ Festival. If you’ve noticed, we like food so when I got this invite, we were very happy to go lool. I think our love language is food because we enjoy going to restaurants, food festivals, and the likes. It’s a great way for us to talk, connect plus, good food always makes me happy. I’m glad I found someone who likes food the way I do 😀

The Lagos Grill and BBQ Festival happened on Easter Sunday at Muri Okunola park and it was packed with families enjoying the food, music and good BBQ. There were several BBQ vendors cooking and grilling at the festival but our favorite was the steak we had from NaijaBBQPitBoys. We had this huge Tomahawk steak that was so good and so spicy. We weren’t sure if were going to finish it cos it was so big but we finished everything and it tasted so so good!

I love the fact we have great festivals like this in Lagos. Lagos can get so so boring sometimes; how many times can you go to the cinema/clubbing?

Would I suggest you should go – YES! I think they are having one in Abuja this month so if you are in Abuja, you should def go there and eat till ya full. Go out and enjoy yourself!

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