On Sunday, my boyfriend and I were at the Cozy Concept Store opening and as we were leaving he was like ‘Let’s go to Lufasi’ and I was like ‘really? okay’. I had mentioned it in passing as we drove by to the store opening and he was eager to go. I was eager as well because I had read about the Nature Park on the EatTechTravel Blog (you should read her blog btw if you’re interested in traveling and discovering new places in Lagos).

So we went to Lufasi. It cost N1000 to enter and we were cialisfrance24.com allowed to take pictures. From the sign, we saw there was a lot to see and I was excited about Lake Nora (I’m a water baby). As we were walking, we had a guide who told us about the park and led us through the path. It’s a long walk bruh! If you’re not ready to walk, don’t bother.

We saw a bunch of animals at the park. We kinda ignored the horses and donkeys and walked straight to the monkeys. They were so fun and they were eating pringles and running around. I tried to shake one but it literally grabbed one of my beads and tried to take it. It was fun feeding them and watching them run around. We also saw a parrot and these huge cats that look like raccoons but they are not raccoons.

I have two favorite places in Lufasi Nature Park and that was the Fern Garden and Lake Nora. The Fern Garden was BEAUTIFUL and I was so sad my camera was acting up that day so I didn’t get any photos of the garden. Lake Nora is a HUGE man-made lake in the middle of the Nature Park. The water wasn’t high because of ‘dry season’ but it was high enough for me. I saw the water move and apparently, there are alligators! I wish they came out; I have never seen one before.

We then walked into the Ekki forest and we couldn’t go close because they were doing construction around the tree. The Ekki tree at the park is very old and very very tall. When the guide left, we walked forward and looked at it. It was magnificent to behold.

Would I recommend you go there –  YES! Go with a group and explore Lufasi Nature Park together. Take food and drink along because there is no water station in the forest but there is a juice and water bar at the entrance. Also, there is no food so take your own food along.

Would you ever go to Lufasi Nature Park? Let me know what you think of my adventure in the comment section below!

Stay fab!


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The park is beautiful, looks very African. Where exactly is lufasi Park situated in lagos?


The park is located after Ajah and Abraham Adesanya. It’s immediately after Fara Park Estate;the entrance to LUFASI Park on the right.


Nope. I don’t do well with animals. Not happening.


Haba! These animals are nice tho!

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