Last Saturday, I attended a wine tasting for Loire Valley Wines with Eat.Drink.Lagos. They had sent out an email at the beginning of the with a quick survey asking for the regular details (name and stuff) with an interesting question ‘if you could have the ability to be invisible, fly or read minds, which one would you pick and why’. The people with the most interesting answers got an invite for the wine tasting.

Guess my answer was interesting.

The venue was La Pointe, an upscale grocery store in Victoria Island. I was there a bit too early so I had to roam around a bit and chill in the coffee shop. Water costs N500. Wawuu!

The cellar at La Pointe is stocked well with all types of alchy and that was the scene for this wine tasting. Bishop, the guy in the white shirt in the photo below, was out guide for the night.

We tasted four different types of wine – 2 wine, 1 red and 1 rose. I loved the red wine and one of the white wines. The rose was basic (I think rose is basic) so I wasn’t wowed by it.

I really enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun. I really hope I get to attend more wine tastings this year. The Loire Valley Wines we tasted were actually affordable (between N2,600 and 3,800). I love myself a good white wine and I think I will come back and buy the one I liked.

Have you ever been to a wine tasting before? What did you think? Do let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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Looks so fancy. I wish I was there.


It was soooo fancy! I felt like I wasn’t in Lagos for a bit lool

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