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Beauty Product of the Week – Olive Oil

My featured beauty product of the week is olive oil! I know, it’s a weird product but believe me, you will understand in a bit.

olive oil

I started a new way of cleansing my face called oil cleansing method. Oil cleansing method is what exactly it is; cleansing your face with oils. Again, so weird to do since an oily face is the bane of everyone’s existence but the science behind it makes sense. Read on to understand and see how you can do it as well!

Your skin/face already produces essential oils to keep the skin hydrated and soft. When you use harsh scrubs and washes on your face and strip the oils, your skin panics and goes into overdrive and produces more oil than is needed. This leads to a negative feedback loop as you are trying to remove the oil and your skin is trying to replace them. See what’s wrong here?

So oil cleansing works on the principle of oil diffusion. Simply, oil dissolves oil. Depending on the oils used, the oils will hydrate your skin, treat and prevent acne breakouts. I’ve been using olive oil for the past two and a half weeks and I have not had any breakout. My skin has been softer and not dried out and flaky. It’s been wonderful.


Oil cleansing is simple and anyone can do it, no matter your skin type or color. You just need to find the perfect blend of oils for your skin as some can easily clog your skin (castor oil and coconut oil are known to do this). Also, some oils are very potent so you cannot use without diluting them in another oil. Oils like tea tree, peppermint and lemon grass are known for their healing properties but can burn if not used well. So please do your own research and read about the oils before you use them.

Now the steps to oil cleansing:

1. Pour your blend of oils in your palm and rub on your face for at least two mins with firm motions. From what I’ve read, some people can feel dirt grits coming out of their pores as you do this.

2. Use a towel and dip into hot water. Squeeze out the water and place the hot towel on your face. The steam from the hot water will allow the oil to enter your pores and clean them out. Do this for 10-20 seconds.

3. Using the same towel, rinse the water off and using soft motions, rub the oil off your face. rinse and repeat as many times as necessary.


And that’s it. You should be left with baby soft and properly moisturized skin.  Lemme know in the comment section what you think and if you do it as well. It’s something different but the results will wow you.

Stay fab!


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