Welcome to 5th Sense Habitat; Organic Beauty Spa and Salon

5th Sense Habitat is an organic Beauty Spa and Saloon located in the heart of Lekki. They provide a comforting, yet stimulating Zen atmosphere in which customers stay relaxed both body and mind, reconnecting their daily lives to their true purpose through a wide range of holistic methods with the use of organic products. The … Continue Reading

Find The Perfect Lip Balm for Your Pencil Pouch/Purse

Now that summer is over and we are all back to school/work, you need a cute and yummy lip balm to keep in your pencil pouch/purse. No one wants dry lips! Check out the list below for fun balms you’ll want to apply all day long. 1. EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm This organic and … Continue Reading

Bantu Knots – What Happens After

Hey guys! Today’s post is about my bantu knots but it is still a little different. I’m not showing you how to do them but I’m talking about what happens after I loosen them. It’s also an extended review of the Cantu Shea Butter products I reviewed a few weeks ago. I styled my bantu … Continue Reading

My 5 Favorite Natural Hair Styling Creams

After 4+ years of being natural, I have finally found what works for my hair. It takes a while to figure our what works for your hair and so far, I’m loving and hating it. . I became a product junkie, went “all natural’ and even stopped washing my hair because I heard it helps … Continue Reading

7 Nude Eyeshadow Palettes For Every Price Point

Everyone loves a good nude eyeshadow look. It’s much easier to do in the morning and even easier to transition from work to play (just use black eyeshadow to create a smokey eye). A lot of makeup brands have hopped on the nude eyeshadow trends and have created numerous nude palettes to help you create the … Continue Reading

7 Nigerian Beauty Brands You May Not Know About

When I first started OmogeMuRa, there weren’t many Nigerian beauty brands. I think at the time, only House of Tara existed. Four years later, there are many international beauty brands here in Nigeria and there are several indigenous beauty brands coming out. We all know about House of Tara and Zaron but there are several … Continue Reading

My 16 Favorite Beauty Products of 2015

Hey guys! This is the last post in my 2015 favorites. Today’s post is all about my favorite beauty products of 2015. Yesterday, I talked about my favorite hair products and the day before that, I talked about my favorite skincare products. It was hard figuring out my favorite products from this year (I did … Continue Reading

My 4 Favorite Hair Products of 2015

Hey guys! So I am back with 2015 Favorites series. Yesterday I did skincare and today, I will be talking about my favorite hair products of 2015. This list is short (only four items) and that is because I stuck to my usual routine this year. I didn’t try anything new out and I was … Continue Reading

My 7 favorite skincare products of 2015

2015 has been a very good year for me and OmogeMuRa. I have been lucky to work with great brands, use their products and do what I do best; talking about it. With the many, many products I used and reviewed this year, I thought it would only make sense to write a list of … Continue Reading

Where To Buy Makeup In Nigeria

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s post! Today, I’ll be talking about where to buy makeup in Nigeria. I hope this is informative and this helps people know where to buy makeup in Nigeria. Physical stores to buy makeup: Inglot, MAC Store, CasaBella and Montaigne Place – These stores are at The Palms Shopping Mall … Continue Reading