What I Wore – Mel White Dress

White Organza Dress: Mel by Fashpa | Shoes: Shoes Are Us (similar HERE) Shot by Winston Sylvans The first time I saw this dress, I kinda knew where I wanted to shoot it and how. It’s weird how you see something and it comes together so quickly in your head. Sometimes, ideas just come my mind … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Print Play

Crop top: Seamply Sylvia (similar HERE) | Dress: Random boutique (similar HERE) | Shoes: Jumia (similar HERE) Sometimes, you need to try something new. That is exactly what this outfit is about lool. Putting together unlikely clothing items and finding out you really like what you see. This boxy crop top was a gift from … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Summertime White

Floral peplum top: Gift from Jumia Market (similar HERE) | White denim shorts: Forever21 (similar HERE) |  White block heels: Jumia (similar HERE)  It’s funny; I actually shot this outfit before I got the invite for the Moet Party Day. The outfit worked perfectly for the ‘all-white casual’ dress code’ People are scared of wearing … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Off shoulder + Print Pants

Top: Henri Uduku | Pants: Laitan | Slippers: Market    Photos taken by Edwin Okolo You guys have seen these pants before. Back when I was doing this series called ‘Made in Nigeria‘, I featured this young Nigerian designer who made an outfit for me to wear to fashion week. I wasn’t able to wear … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Knits by Imo & Florals

Off-shoulder top: KnitsandImo | Skirt: Random boutique in Surulere | Shoes: Don’t know My best friend, Edwin Okolo, can crochet anything. And I love everything he makes. The day we were shooting, he was wearing this purple and black off-shoulder top. He suggested we pair it with this purple and white floral skirt. It was him … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Poppy Formal Midi Dress

Dress: The 5k Shop (similar)| Shoes: Steve Madden Shot by Edwin Okolo When I heard Stranger (my favorite store and place) had re-painted their walls yellow, I was really sad. This was the second time they painted their wall; the first time, they painted it white. I miss the original Magenta color (I even have a … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Re Dress

Dress: ReBahia (now Re) | Shoes: Steve Madden  I bought this dress at a sale party Rebahia (now Re) had late last year. I fell in love with the color of the dress and how it has an iridescent hue to it – the way it slips from blue to purple back to blue fascinated … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Casual Denim Vibes

Denim jacket: Fashion Favorites | Top: Thrifted| Leggings: Lagos market | Slippers: Holster| Bag:Aéropostale Photos: Edgothboy Casual days always mean denim vibes for me. I love denim with a passion and it is my favorite thing to wear out. I always try to incorporate denim into most of my outfits and this day was no … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Little Blue Dress

Dress: Random boutique in Lagos | Shoes: Steve Madden I’ve had this dress for a very very long time! I actually can’t remember where I bought it or what brand the dress is from. All I know is that I got this dress from a boutique in Lagos. Can’t remember where or when lool This … Continue Reading

What I Wore – Beach Day

Hat and sunglasses: Friend’s wardrobe | Top (actually a dress): Asos | Skirt: Candies   Photos: Edwin Okolo Today’s outfit is inspired by the beach. If you don’t know, I’m a water baby and I love going to the beach (Check out my trip to Attican Beach).  My plan is to retire by 60 and … Continue Reading