5 classic fashion tips for every woman in 2017

Fashion trends change all the time. Trends come and go but there are some classic staples that always remain in style. This article will identify a few classic fashion tips for every woman to keep in mind for 2017. 1. Always invest in basics  There are certain items that every woman should have in her … Continue Reading

The Zara List: 10 most desirable shoes for spring

It’s not a secret that fashion trends are not dictated by overpriced designer brands but by mass market stores like Zara. It’s just safer and cheaper to try a bold trend like boyfriend jeans when their cost doesn’t exceed $50. That’s why this post will be dedicated to the amazing Zara’s shoe department. Simply check … Continue Reading

3 Ways To Accessorize your Cocktail dress

A cocktail dress is perhaps the most versatile item in every girl’s wardrobe. It can be worn at formal and semi-formal events and if you feel like it, you can simply wear it on a regular day. While cocktail dresses will never go out of style, remember that you have other options to wear them … Continue Reading

How To Use Instagram Filters to For Better Photos

Have you ever looked through your Instagram feed and thought about how people make their photos look so GOOD? Image quality is everything with regards to posting on Instagram and how great your images are will establish or shatter your presence. https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ The secret – it’s all in the filters! A great, perfectly edited photo can upsurge … Continue Reading

How To Shop Like A Stylist on a Student Budget

Creating the ultimate look doesn’t mean you need to have a billionaire budget. You can find stylish items and look your best even when your bank account can’t really handle the heat. Here are some clever tips to help you shop like a stylist even on a student’s budget. 1. Find your right fit and … Continue Reading

5 Tips To Make Your Home Beautiful

Your home is a place that you likely want to keep looking its best at all times. When holidays arrive, you might decorate with lights, ornaments or other items that give a festive appearance, but there are other ways that you can keep your home beautiful throughout the rest of the year. 1. One way … Continue Reading