Here’s What You’ll Miss If You’re Not At The Blogger Point Brunch

I’m going to be speaking at The Blogger Point Brunch and Seminar this weekend (Sunday to be exact) and I’m so excited. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at a couple of events last year and this is my second speaking event of the year (the first one was at the Mercedes Benz Beauty Business … Continue Reading

How I Actually Make Money As A Blogger

Money, money money! That’s what today’s post is all about. When I tell people I’m a blogger/content creator/influencer, the first question that I get is ‘How do you make money?’. People are generally interested in how to make money but when it comes to blogging, they are more than interested – they are fascinated. They … Continue Reading

6 favorite ways to unwind after a busy day

After a long day of editing, meetings and/or going to events, I need to unwind and de-stress from it all. Everyone has different ways they shut off from the world but these are my 6 favorite ways to do so. They may seem simple not that spectacular but they do help me and go a … Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of Deola Adebiyi

A Day in the Life of Deola Adebiyi Today’s video is a vlog about me, Deola Adebiyi SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY – It’s my first ever vlog! I take you with me as I go for meetings, attend events, hang out with my friends, have photoshoots and more! Do let me know … Continue Reading

Snapshots of my life

Hello everyone By now, you have read the first post which talks about what happened and why OmogeMuRa went on a long break (two months and a half actually). As explained before, I needed some time to re-strategize, work some things out and officially give myself a vacation. But now, we are back and we … Continue Reading