What I Am Currently Listening To – 16/05/2018

Hello, hello! I haven’t done a music playlist in a loooooong time but I’m back and better! I’ve decided to do these at least once a month. Maybe even twice – it depends on if new music comes out and what I feel about it. Leave me a comment below on how want music playlist … Continue Reading

Best albums and songs of 2017 (with my brother!)

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s video! In this video, my brother and I discuss our favorite songs and albums of 2017. A lot of great music came out this year and in this video, we discuss our favs. Do let me know if you like this video by giving it a THUMBS UP and … Continue Reading

What I’m Currently Listening To

Sigh The past few weeks have been a struggle. A deep one. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read my diary post from last week. Whenever times get tough, I turn to music and I have been listening to a lot of new and old stuff. My brother teases me all the … Continue Reading

6 reasons why I love Daniel Caesar’s album ‘Freudian’

I discovered┬áDaniel Caesar one random evening while browsing through my Apple Music playlists. I’m constantly on the search for new music and I download a lot of playlists to find new artists. His song ‘Get You’ featuring the beautiful Kali Uchis was featured in a playlist called ‘Me and Bae’ (I’m a sucker for great … Continue Reading

Here is my Summer 17 Music Playlist

After plenty thinking and editing, I have decided to share my summer 17 music playlist! If you know me and if you read my 6 ways I like to unwind post, you know I love music. I have always loved music and everything that comes with it. Listening to music, reading music reviews, watching artist … Continue Reading