Today’s post is all about color correction and how you can use it to cover up your dark spots and hyper-pigmentation under your makeup.

DSC_0978 (800x533)

We’ll be talking about color correctors and concealers but first, lemme drop a little bit of knowledge before I show you how I do it.

So hyper-pigmentation is basically the darkening of the skin. I have spoken about my struggle several times and I used to think I could cover it up with heavy foundation. It still didn’t work and I would get so mad and insecure about it. Can people see the dark area around my mouth? Can they see how weird and dark my eyes are? I swear, I don’t know why but I have the worst dark circles I have ever seen. It’s something I don’t even try to explain anymore.

Anyway, I was browsing the internet one day when I came across this interesting article about color correctors. Color correcting simply means using a specific color to cancel another one out.

Remember the color wheel?


See how the colors have opposites. Green sits opposite of red and will cancel it out. Same with orange which sits opposite of blue. The color orange will cancel out blue.

So makeup manufactures applied that artsy knowledge to concealers. Green concealers to cancel out redness from pimples in fair people, purple concealers to cancel out yellow undertones, orange concealers to cancel out blue/black hyper-pigmentation in dark people and so on!

So where can you find these colored concealers?

Several brands make colors concealers such as Smashbox, Dior, MAC, NARS, Benefit and so on. The one I use is LA Girl and I bought my orange concealer from Nigerian online store, Beauty Kink.

Now, let’s get on to color correcting!

DSC_0983 (800x533)To color correct, you are going to need your color concealer, a blending brush or sponge and your foundation.

DSC_0969 (800x533)This is how the concealer looks on my skin.

DSC_0991 (800x533)Here is my face before applying the color corrector. You can see a bit of the darkness under my eyes and around my mouth.

Here is the color corrector on my skin and blended in with my makeup sponge.

DSC_0996 (800x533)Simply apply your foundation over your face. I am using Studio Makeup Perfecting Finish Foundation in Bisque. I used a Real Techniques Stipping brush to buff it in.

DSC_1003 (800x533)

Tada! Just that quick and simple!

Color correcting allows you to use less foundation and even less concealer (unless you want to contour and highlight). Which I think is awesome and money saving!

Hope you found this useful. I tried it out for about a month before writing this because I wanted to make sure it worked before recommending to people. I wouldn’t want to recommend something harmful to my readers.

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Stay fab!



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Doesn’t it make your face lighter than the rest of your body (different shade) when you’re completely done?


It doesn’t! It just blends into your skin like magic. I was honestly surprised.


Amazing. I’ll try it then. Thanks!


Your welcome! Let me know how it goes!


not sure why you put on make up, i dont think you have any discoloration, just some lipstick and ur good to go

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