The skin care industry is full of tried and true products as well as the latest trends and gimmicks to empty your wallet. Serums promising face-lifts in a bottle often don’t deliver. Spa treatments to reduce cellulite and surgical procedures to reduce scars come at a great expense. All you want is something that works without breaking the bank. If so, consider a dermaroller treatment.

The process of microneedling is a method in which tiny, medical grade needles are either rolled across or pressed into the skin. This is done to create micro channels that penetrate down to the deeper layer of skin where collagen production and healing takes place. The skin reacts by producing collagen to replace damaged cells.

A dermaroller is a handheld tool that delivers the microneedling application. The device has a cylinder on one end covered in the medical grade needles. It is rolled across the skin in a pattern meant for maximum coverage of the treatment area. The width of the cylinder and the number of needles varies, depending on how large an area is to be treated. The length of the needles also vary according to what is being treated.

There is also a dermapen and dermastamp. The dermapen is shaped like a pen with a small set of microneedles on one end. The dermastamp is similarly shaped, but with a larger cluster of needles on the end. Both are pressed or stamped into the skin. Unlike laser devices, these tools can be used around the eyes and other sensitive areas.

Skin Treatments
Dermarollers work on a variety of skin-care needs. It has been proven to help reduce stretch marks, acne scars, and other scarring. With any type of scarring, it will require multiple treatments using deeper penetrating needles to work well. Reducing cellulite will also require deeper needles, but not as many sessions.

The microneedling process is most effective when used along with collagen or vitamin enhanced serums. Immediately after applying the Dermaroller, the microchannels in the skin make it so the skin readily absorbs any product applied to it.

Home or Office
Dermarollers can be purchased for home use, along with the serums to use with treatments. The devices intended for consumer use are devised to be safely used. Personal use dermarollers are best for mild wrinkles and fine lines.

With personal use Dermarollers, it is imperative to keep the roller sterilized. Contaminated rollers will cause infections and put the user at risk. Never share the microneedling device with anyone, ever. Always wash the roller before and after every use.

Some treatments are only effective when provided through a clinic. The devices sold for home use cannot penetrate deep enough to remove moderate scarring or mild cellulite. Clinical office visits provide an advantage in reaching parts of the body an individual cannot easily reach on their own, such as the back.

When to Skip Treatments
Anytime the skin is irritated, the dermaroller should not be used. This is especially true when acne is present. The microneedling process will spread the bacteria of acne all over the skin. Completely skip treatments when acne is active since not all breakouts will be visible at the time.

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