Everybody would love to relax in a spa, get the sore muscles loose and a fresh mani/pedi. However, this leaves a big dent in your pampering allowance.

A new website has come to answer everyone’s prayers. Faari.ng allows people to order beauty and wellness services at affordable and amazing discounts.  I was able to speak to Tae Olubode, Faari.ng PR and marketing manager, to get the scoop on what Faari.ng is all about.


OmogeMuRa: Please tell us how the idea for Faari was born and about the team behind the platform.

Tae Olubode: With these online platforms changing the world, we thought the Lagos girl on the go will need hair, makeup and nails at affordable prices and discounts considering the economic nature of the country – as well as having them all come to you wherever you are in Lagos, may it be your office home or hotel. We really want to change the service of beauty and wellness today.



OMR: How do you find and qualify the Vendors for faari?

TO: We run with 3 things in mind, LOCATION, FACILITY and EXPERTISE and pull from our own personal networks of beauty and wellness industry contacts as well as the referrals we receive from our FAARI professionals.

OMR: What is your most popular service request? What is its price point?

TO: Hairdos, Braids to be exact, Nigerian women can’t seem to get enough of them. Standard Braids minus extensions cost like N4000 but on faari.ng you can pick up a deal for N2500, that’s for the services but it’s exciting that the adult toys in our products section are doing very well. It’s nice to know that people are really taking care of their wellness.

OMR: What is your favourite service to book for yourself?

TO: Massages. It’s something that when is done by a pro you feel relaxed and with a 70% discount on a N10000 service, it’s become a part of my weekly routine. It’s changed my life.

OMR: Tell me more about the website? What’s most exciting?

TO: As we made the decision to develop “faari.ng”, we wanted our brand to be reflective of the love and excitement our customers have for beauty and wellness products . Our logo and rich imagery was just the first step—what we really wanted to do was give customers a better way to find exactly the deal they’re looking for.

So, of course I love the way the site looks, but I’m excited to introduce the new smart search, sort and filter features to our website. For instance, you know exactly what you want, you can search for deals directly from our homepage. If you don’t know what you want, you can lean on faari’s tools to help me leverage a wealth of demographics data and content to help you decide.

Our merchants have also been given great options enabling them to use our tools to adequately upload the wonderful deals in order to show customers the beauty and wellness items that they’re looking for.

All in all, If you want to find salons/parlours or spas that have wonderful customer experience, 5 stars, and chocolate milkshakes (I joke), you can. If you are looking to have your hair did at home with a mani-pedi  to match, trust me, you can do that too.

The ever evolving site design and features will be a function of our members’ feedback. We’re committed to continuous innovation and platform growth. We’ve also remained focused on providing our beauty and wellness partners with the ability to better market themselves to customers through our platform. We truly want to help facilitate the discovery of new/hidden salons, to the benefit of our consumers and deal partners, and now we’ve taken the first (of many more) steps in providing happiness to the beauty and wellness marketplace. You can expect faari.ng to continue to define the digital beauty and wellness ordering landscape through innovation in the future.

OMR: Tell us more about this your 1M worth of beauty deals giveaway?

TO: To celebrate our launch and inception in Lagos, we have decided to make so many women in Lagos more beautiful for absolutely FREE. All they need to do is follow us on social media and visit the site to be eligible for these exciting giveaways.

OMR: What is next for Faari?​

TO: We are growing very quickly, We are expanding our business with our second service of ASO EBI DISTRIBUTION www.faari.ng/asoebi, launch our app and move into other states of the country.

Follow Faari.ng on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – @DoFaari

Stay fab!



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