Hey guys! So I am back with 2015 Favorites series. Yesterday I did skincare and today, I will be talking about my favorite hair products of 2015.

Copy of Copy of Review and First Impression

This list is short (only four items) and that is because I stuck to my usual routine this year. I didn’t try anything new out and I was very careful with the way I treated my hair. I’ve been natural for four years and my hair grows very very slowly. I didn’t want to upset it lool

Here is my list of my favorite hair products of 2015

1. As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner


When my hair is bad, this is what I use to detangle it. It just works so well in dissolving my tangles and allowing me to have clean hair. It’s the perfect product.

BUY FROM: KL Natural Beauty Bar in Dolphin Estate 

2. Olori Damage BeGone Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Olori 'Damage Be Gone' 1

I only started using this product a few weeks ago and I turned into a believer. Fam, this thing repaired my hair. The shea butter in doesn’t even do the job; the product is made up of some secret oils that do the major work. Secret or not, it works so fucking well. I had to curse so you all got the message.


3. Design Essentials Contours Styling Gel


So how did I get all those great twist-outs? This styling gel right here has the best hold I have ever used on my hair. I used to love Kerracare but it flakes so badly. I was sent this for review purposes but I went on my own and bought a bunch because it was so good.


4. Kinky Apothecary’s Whipped Shea Batter


Now this thing right here? TRUTH. Smells like chocolate and moisturizes my hair so well. Kinky Apothecary makes these and they are so very good. I use this after twisting my hair, to revitalize day 2 hair and even on my skin. I love this product.

BUY FROM: Kinky Apothecary Website

That’s it from me and my favorite hair products of 2015. Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about my favorite beauty products!

Stay fab!


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I Love Olori and the Whipped Shea Butter.



Love them so much as well! I just had to include it in the list.

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