Why don’t you guys comment on my blog posts? I really want cialis générique to know.

Engagement is very important if you’re a blogger – it means someone cared enough to read your post/watch your video and leave a comment. It means my content connected to people. It means someone cared.

But it seems like no one cares when it comes to my blog posts. There is hardly any engagement on my blog posts and it makes me feel like I’m writing for the Google robots to read.

It’s a bit confusing because people comment on my Youtube videos but not on my blog posts. It made me stop uploading more on my blog and concentrate more on my videos but I want to go back to creating great content on my blog. If Youtube crashes today, I’ll always have my blog.

So please, tell me why you don’t comment on my posts. Is there something wrong with the commenting system? Is my content so boring you don’t care? What kind of content would from me would make you want to comment on my blog posts? Please be as honest as you want below. I really want to be a better blogger and hearing from you would help me a lot;

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I honestly would love to comment but the fact that i have to log in with another account is quite stressful tbh but I’ve logged in using my twitter account so I guess its going to be a lot easier for me. Also have you tried moving your blog to wordpress platform, its easier and much more user friendly


My blog is on a WordPress platform. The commenting system is not WordPress tho and I think I will change that. Thanks boo


People gravitate to a blog to read content very often you have an introduction (written) to a video. Personally, I like both content but for video I am going to your youtube channel not your blog.
On another note are you replying to all comments from previous blog posts?


Thanks for the insight! Before I used to host my videos here, I used to have blog posts (fashion, skincare and the rest) and they wouldn’t get any replies or comments. Then I started to concentrate on Youtube but I really want to fix what’s not making people comment before I go back to putting up blog posts that are not videos

Also, I always reply comments. A previous comment said something about the commenting system so I changed it back to the original WordPress version. I’m hoping this works and people become more engaging


Best of luck with it all


Thank you!


Hi Deola,

The new layout is quite lovely!

I visit your blog once a week to catch up, and I will do a better job of commenting.

I’ve noticed that you’re back on the regular wordpress comments platform. I think this should help a lot.

Still, for feedback purposes, while I watch and read a lot of things on the internet, I find that I engage more with hair related posts and personal posts I relate to, because that’s my core interest. With beauty posts, I’m learning but I’m not likely to take action later. Like I’m here and I appreciate it, and I will remember that oh I saw this foundation on Deola’s blog when I’m out, but I don’t really have anything of value to add in the comments, if you get what I mean?

Also, to encourage people to comment, I sometimes have a very long Call to Action- asking several questions to prompt responses where applicable- so that at least one clicks.


Yeah, I had to switch because people complained about Disqus. Let’s see what happens with this one but I’m already happier with the switch.

RE beauty – I totally get what you mean. I’m like that as well for some blogs as well. I think I need to find the proper balance with all the content I create so I have a balanced blog and a wide variety of topics for people to respond to.

RE call to action – I do place a call to action at the end of the post but I think I’ll start sprinkling them throughout the posts to get more reactions. Thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

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