Black|Up Cosmetics Goodies.

Last week, I attended a makeup masterclass that was done by Montaigne Place and Black|Up Cosmetics. At the end of the event, they gave us goodie bags filled with several products and I was so happy! I love having new products to play with and try out. Here are my first impressions of the products we were gifted with.

1. 8Hr Correcting Primer


This primer is very new to me because it has the texture of a cream and not a regular primer. It claims that it will give a ‘8 hour matte finish without any need to touch up’ and also ‘fades pigmentation spots, refines and smooths skin texture’.

DSC_9337It’s goes on like a lotion or cream which is very new to me but I can’t wait to try it out.

2. Matifying Fluid Foundation

DSC_9340Foundation is very important to me because I have dark pigmentation spots I would like to hide so I was very interested to see how this one worked. It’s medium coverage which is meh for me but I really like that it’s so ‘soft and blendable’. There is no other way to explain how it felt on my hand.

DSC_9344When I first applied it to my hand, I was thinking ‘No way is this going to match my skin’.

DSC_9345Bam! All blended!

4. Dual Ended Contouring Stick

DSC_9349This was the product I really wanted to try out and I was so excited when I saw it in the bag. The product has a ‘buildable cream texture that offers a powdery finish’ which I have to agree with.

DSC_9352 Swatch of both ends on my hand

DSC_9353Blended in. I see the light and dark sides, do you? I can’t wait to see how it looks on my face.

5. Lipstick

DSC_9346I’m a sucker for good red lipsticks and I may have found ‘the one’. It’s very pigmented and soft as I swatched it on my hand.

DSC_9348Love the satin finish. Just, love.

6. Volumizing Lengthening Mascara DSC_9354I already have my holy grail mascara (Guerlain’s Le 2 De) so whenever I get new mascara, I usully use it a few times and add it to my growing mascara collection.

DSC_9355Let’s see it out and see how it works, shall we?

Hope you enjoyed this first impressions post. I really want to step up our beauty game with more original content and reviews like this. Stay tuned, there will be two more posts coming from this goodie bag!

Stay fab and pretty!


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