Happy National Lipstick Day! It’s the day we women celebrate our lips and products we use to make them look beautiful! For this special day, I sat down and used ALL of my lipsticks, even the ones I bought and never touched. This post has been months in the making because there is usually no time for me to sit down and try out all of my lippies. I didn’t realize I had such a big collection till I was editing the picture for this post!

So check out my lipstick collection and read my mini-reviews of them! Some I hate, some I love and some are just going to collect dust at the bottom of my makeup bag. Enjoy!

SONY DSCBefore I started, I exfoliated my lips with a simple sugar and olive oil scrub. You can either make it at home or you can purchase  Julep’s sugar scrub which contains Vitamin E as well.

SONY DSCI cannot remember the name of this and I’ve had it so long, the labeling has rubbed off! It’s a chubby stick and when I bought it, I was looking for a lip balm with color but not too pink so as it would look natural.

SONY DSCAs you see, it’s not so pink that it’s unsettling but it has enough pigment to add a natural pink lip to my look.

SONY DSCClinique Lip Color Balm – Whopping Watermelon.

SONY DSCWay more pigmented that the first one but still understated.

SONY DSCRevlon ColorStay in Coral. I bought this when I wanted to try out orange lipstick. Terrible idea.

SONY DSCI HATE THIS! It goes on patchy and sinks into my lip lines. To get this, I had to use  A LOT  of product and it still looks like it’s faded lipstick.

SONY DSCRevlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Strawberry Shortcake

SONY DSCLess pigment and less pop. Not the biggest fan but it stays in my makeup bag.

SONY DSCMilani Lipstick – Rose Amour

SONY DSCI’m usually very skeptical of pink lipsticks with my dark skin tone by I love this! It is my go to lipstick when I want that pop of color. Milani wins for this!

SONY DSCHouse of Tara – Jankara

SONY DSCGreat light purple lipstick from House of Tara. And it stays ON! Has the best staying power I have ever seen!

SONY DSCMakeup Forever – Natural

SONY DSCI bought this looking for a great lipstick for a ‘no makeup look’. It works well and is very smooth and creamy.

SONY DSCMilani – Candied Toffees

SONY DSCI love this lipstick because it’s ‘natural’ but has this burnt sugar tone to it. It’s not too dark or too soft, it’s just right.

SONY DSCSephora Collection – Crush

SONY DSCIt is my second favorite purple lipstick. Creamy, smooth and packs a wow factor with the color. It reminds me of a grape sucker.

SONY DSCBite for VIB Rouge

SONY DSCVery bright red and very smooth. It’s not my favorite red but it’s not the worst. Also, it’s wears off pretty quickly so you have to keep it on you for reapplying.

SONY DSCMaybelline – Red Revolution

SONY DSCHas a pink-ish tint to it and this was the first red lipstick I bought when I landed in America. It’s creamy and well pigmented.

SONY DSCDior – Rouge Dior

SONY DSCMy favorite lipstick. Dior made the creamiest, smoothest and greatest red lipstick I have ever used. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great red lipstick.

SONY DSCMac – Riri Woo


SONY DSCRiri Woo is my second favorite lipstick. The only reason why it’s not my fav is because of how dry it can be and I don’t like it. It has a orange-y tint to it and that’s what makes the red pop so well on my lips.

SONY DSCBuxom – Havana

SONY DSCI use this with black eyeliner to have the perfect dark lippie but on it’s on, it’s pretty awesome as well.

SONY DSCOCC Lip Tar in Memento

SONY DSCI love it but I can’t wear it out. The color over powers my lips and it doesn’t go well with my dark skin tone.

SONY DSCOCC Lip Tar in Anime

SONY DSCThe Ultimate Pink Lip. I became a beliver in lip tars because of OCC. It does take some time to get used to it and but once you get a hang of it, you get magic results.


SONY DSCVery bright, very pigmented, very good.

SONY DSCOCC Lip Tar in Black Dehlia

SONY DSCGreat dark lip for those days I want to be goth. Gotta love OCC Lip Tars.

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