Welcome to Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017! For the four days of fashion and fun, I’ll be putting up daily recaps which include finale photos of my favorite pieces from each collection + a mini review. My day 1 photos are a bit blurry because my camera setting were terrible. I don’t even have a finale photo for some designers (so sorry) but from day 2, everything will make sense.

Let’s get into my Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016 Day 1 recap!

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Sparky and party ready! I loved the fabrics used for the suits. Perfect for a New Year’s Eve party

8th Wanda

Regal and flowy. The draping and contruction in this collection is A+. A very strong and cohesive collection.


No finale photo here but imagine a simple collection with simple statments. It was a collection of clean lines, cuts and pops of color


For the girl who WANTS to make a statement with prints and colors. Very colorful and very quirky. Not for the faint of heart.

Titi Belo

No finale photo here but her collection was one of the strongest of the night. Very bold cuts and shapes. Pinafores and skater dresses aka my thing. Imagine a school girl who grew up to become a boss and wears clothing that reminds her of those days. I need to make money so that I can get some Titi Belo in my wardrobe.

Ugo Monye

A collection for a man who isn’t afraid to be stylish. A kinda mish-mash of several trends but with a hint of cohesiveness within.

Eki Orleans

The collection was inspired by nature – water to be exact and I could see it all in the flow and print of the fabric. Eki Orleans has always had beautiful prints and this collection has them all.

Johnson Johnson

Nothing really stood out to me here. Berets are prolly making a come back.

Style Temple

Very bold and woman friendly – celebrating her sexuality and her strength with clothing. I’m very torn about this collection – I love it and feel meh about it at the same time. There were some amazing standout pieces but at the same time, there were some pieces that made me give it the side eye.


Can someone tell me who buys Kinabuti? Because I have no idea what she is doing or what she is selling.


Amede stayed true to her brand and presented a feminine and sultry collection with beautiful florals and print. No fuss, no wahala, just beautiful clothes that slay.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

EAT closed the day with a solid statement dresses for the woman who wants to make a statement on the red carpet. I think EAT is one of the most talented designers out of Nigeria and yesterday’s show proved it. Everything about this collection made sense.

That’s it for my recap of Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 Day 1. Do let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Follow me on Snapchat and Instagram for my snaps and stories from the shows. Can’t wait for Day 2 (which is today). Gozel Green is showing today and I LOVE them!

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