Sheer blouse: Forever 21| Bodysuit: American Apparel | Black Skinny Jeans: H&M | Leopard print wedge booties: Urbanog | Bag: Vintage Ralph Lauren

Photographer: Gwen Craig 

What’s up everybody? I apologize for not posting or updating here but I hit a bit of  glitch. My computer went bad but now I’m back in business!

What do you guys think of OmogeMuRa’s new look? We had a few comments on the former design and we decided to redesign everything including the logo and website. We wanted something clean, fun and ethic at the same time. We also but into consideration people who read with their smart phones and tablets. After days of research, coding and a bit of cursing, you are now looking at the brand new OmogeMuRa. If you have any comments on how the site could improve design wise, leave a comment below and let us know!

OmogeMuRa is looking to snag an award this year! We want our lovely readers to nominate OmogeMuRa as Best Fashion Blog and Best New Blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards. Just click on the banner in the sidebar on the right and fill in the short form. We would really, really, reallllly appreciate it if you all did. We love what we do and getting an award for it would be super duper exciting.  Even if don’t get to the finals, we still love you guys all the same.

Guess who is heading to NY Fashion Week?! Well, let me just say Fashion Week-end. I have classes on all of days of major shows so I can’t leave Syracuse during the week. However, I am flying in first thing Saturday morning to get in on all the fun and action. Also, I am attending the Simply Stylist event on Sunday which is happening at the W Hotel. It is being hosted by Catt Sadler of E! News and will feature several fashion bloggers, stylists, editors and industry insiders. It’s going to be fuuuun!

Have a great week guys!



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I love your outfit – especially your little booties and purse! So fun and perfect for fall! I love the new design of your blog, it looks so professional and chic… really exemplifies y’alls “look.”


Thanks dear! Appreciate the comments bout the new site design!



You look great!



Thanks! 🙂


So beautiful, I love it , saludos desde México 😀

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