If you travel a lot, jet lag is nothing new to you. Disturbed sleep, daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating and functioning, and even stomach problems are a part of life for frequent flyers. Whether you’re heading off on a quick trip to Ghana or you’ve found some cheap flights to Dubai, jet lag can ruin your trip. Here are a few ways to deal with jet lag

1. Relax and switch up your schedule

If you’re someone with a strict and rigid schedule, try to relax that schedule days before your flight. Having a rigid schedule will make it harder to adjust to new time zones. If you’re flexible about such arrangements, you’ll start your trip with a major advantage.

2. Get a good night’s sleep before you fly

People often end up sleeping for just a few hours before a long flight which is a huge no no. Last minute changes to your sleep routine will make it harder to adjust to new time zones. When you get a good night of sleep before your flight, it will leave you better equipped to cope with jet lag.

3. Avoid arriving at night

If you can, opt for a flight which arrives in daylight. This will make it easier to stay awake and allow your body to adjust to the new time zone. Exposure to sunlight also helps regulate our rhythms which helps to ease the effects of jet lag.

4. Consider melatonin

Melatonin is a chemical naturally secreted in our bodies helps regulate our rhythms so that we sleep at night. Some research shows that it can reduce jet lag on flights so consider purchasing and taking some to help ease the pain of jet lag.

5. Avoid the bar

You may be tempted to hit the bar for some holiday drinks but please don’t. The effects of alcohol at such a high altitude will increase tiredness and cause dehydration, making it harder to beat jet lag.

6. Say goodbye to coffee (and other caffeine drinks)

Avoid caffeine-heavy beverages such as coffee, cola and energy drinks. Artificial stimulants such as caffeine will affect your ability to sleep and increase jet lag recovery time. Instead, drink more water – your body functions better so drinking water is a great way of dealing with jet lag.

7. Keep moving around 

While on the plane, move around regularly and do exercises. There are many simple exercises that you can do while in your seat or in the aisle of the plane. Simple stretches and walks down the aisle will help you and your body adapt better to the new time zone.

Those are my tips with helping with jet lag. Do you have any tips and tricks with helping with jet lag? Do let me know in the comment section below!

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