T-shirt: Rosegal (HERE or SIMILAR HERE) | Jeans: Thrifted (SIMILAR HERE)| Heels: Fashion71.net (SIMILAR HERE)

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Photos: My brother

I’ve been a fan of the boxy/oversized/slouchy look but so scared of doing it because I didn’t want to look homeless/malnourished. This trend done in the right way can make you look so so cool but if done in the wrong way, can make you look like you are swimming in your clothes.

I decided to try the oversized look out but in a different way – instead of making the entire outfit slouchy, I could just have one item – in this case, the boxy yellow tee – and have the rest be fitted. The result of this experiment is the look you see today.

I love LOVE this look. It gives off these cool vibes with the boxy/oversized tee but still a bit sexy with the tight jeans and heels. Def going to look into styling the top in a different way but this look – issa vibe

What trends are you a fan of but are scared to try? What trend do you think should die a painful death? Let me know in the comment section below!


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