It’s that time of the year – I’m having a meet and greet!

After having the OmogeMuRa 5th Anniversary party in January, I didn’t want to have another event. But you guys kept asking and asking for another meet and greet and Deola is all about giving the people what they want. 🙂

The Meet and Greet will be happening on the 16th of December in Lagos and I’ll be revealing the location to people that have registered. I have put together a really fun and interactive event for everyone that comes so that it’s just not me talking and boring y’all to death. I want you guys to come, have fun with me, meet and interact with other fashion and beauty lovers and leave the event with great gifts and possibly a goody bag (that one depends on if you come early)

Here are 5 reasons for you to attend my meet and greet

Goody bags for the first 10 people. Who doesn’t love a goody bag?
Fun games. Trust me, I’ve put together some great games for us to play
FREE Food and drinks. Food is life and I won’t let you guys down in that department
– There is going to be a floral selfie wall with polaroids!
– It’s FREE! Yup, no fee to pay at all.

I would love to meet and hang with you at my Meet and Greet! Register for your free ticket to the Meet and Greet HERE.

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Any thoughts?