Owning a business selling clothes and footwear  in Nigeria is tricky and having a proper online space to sell your products is even trickier. Well, Rack has come to your rescue.

Rack is a fashion and accessories classified website where you can list your products for sale. Designers can put up FREE ads or buy featured spots on the website which promises maximum eyeballs on your products. With Rack, your e-commerce solution is solved.

CaptureFeatured product on Rack. Get people buying your stuff!

And if you are looking for something different and unique to wear, you should check out Rack’s Classified Space which hosts a wide variety of merchants from all over. You will be spoilt for choice!

1So many categories! Shop to your heart’s content!

So whether you’re a merchant looking for online space for your products or a shopper looking for something new and different, look no further than Rack. You will be glad you did!

Visit Rack -> www.rack.com.ng

Like their Facebook Page -> www.facebook.com/Rackng

Follow them on Twitter -> https://twitter.com/Rackng

Stay fab!


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