IMG-20141104-WA0004Dress: Chechi Arinze

Avalable at L’espace!

Warning: On day 3 and 4, I had no fancy camera so pictures of the runway have been taken using my trusty phone camera which is pretty good. Needless to say, some may be blurry and weird but I chose only images that showed and highlighted what I am talking about. Enjoy!

10731841_360226874150678_1012726362_nThe Ituen Basi show was an introduction to her diffusion line, Ituen. This has to be the happiest show in LFDW as the models basically danced down the runway. I love Ituen Basi for her use of color and fun!I need me a piece sooooon!

Then it was Ade Bakare. Yawn.


Mai Atafo (or Uncle Mai as I call him) had the most entertaining show, hands down. He had a drummer for the menswear section which I thought was cool. The clothing are great. Mai has brought more creativity to his clothes which I love. IMG_20141101_213131The womenswear section reminded me of the traditional wear from Bayelsa (I think so, if I got the region wrong, please let me know). I loved it!B1YijG2CQAE6Hkv

Wana Sambo’s collection was tribute to her father and she brought out two talking drummers to play an ode to him. This touched me and it showed that fashion is not just clothes. It’s a way for someone to express themselves and how they feel about the world. Wana used clothing to express her grief over her father’s passing. IMG_20141101_214229This is my favorite piece from her collection. So sexy!

IMG_20141101_215040Meena presented a collection filled with interesting shapes.

B1Yo1EiCcAAPRr8Bridget Awosika worked with a lot of fringe but I wasn’t able to catch that on camera. Instead, I present you with an amazing piece from her collection.

B1YrxzjIQAAq7W7Ejiro Amos Tafiri’s finale was this BEAUTIFUL wedding gown. I may just want to get married in this.

B1YtUwRIAAAAMDvSophine Zinga’s collection was very minimalist and ladylike. Models walked to an amazing Disclosure song I have not stopped listening to (link)


The Okunoren Twins collection was dedicated to Reni Lagos, a fashion designer who died two years ago from cancer. She was well known for her work and even my mother knew off her. The show was a bit too long tho.

B1Y0ALJIMAAf8irI’m not going to talk about the Lanre Da Silva collection (which was fantastic btw). I’m just annoyed at this #GoFootball and #GoFashion thing that she has been doing. It looks like a PR stunt. And PR stunts are not meant to be known that they are PR stunts. This argument got her a sit down on Moments with Mo! They advertised it in newspapers! They made it into a hashtag war! Really?

I just can’t.


Tiffany Amer closed out LFDW and I thought it was fitting. She has been in the industry for 15 years yo (see pictures) and she has done some amazing work. Here are two of my favorite pieces from the collection.

IMG_20141101_233856_1My first LFDW! I hope you enjoyed my analysis.

Stay fab!


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