waterside day 1Blouse: Eve & Tribe (N2,350) | Skirt: Rococo (N7,500) | Shoes: Forever21 ($25)

Clothes available at L’espace

First day of Fashion Week! I have attended many shows and many events but Fashion Week is different. It was great that OmogeMuRa was able to attend and able to cover the shows. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity.

DSC04373 (800x533)Here was the showroom with the LFDW Fashion Focus Finalists. I won’t lie, some were very meh but there is some promise there.

DSC04375 (533x800)Caven + Etomi Limited Edition Shirt for LFDW 2014

DSC04378 (533x800)Misfits of Lagos (Fashion Focus Finalist)

DSC04376 (533x800)TitiBel (Can’t remember the name) Love this cos of the latex. So sexy!

DSC04401 (800x533)Caven + Etomi also had some prints up for grabs.

Now to the fashion!

DSC04419 (800x533)Sisiano always slays. Amazing pants!

DSC04424 (800x533)Weiz Dhurm Franklyn showed unusual sexy pieces. That’s the only way I can describe this.

DSC04435 (800x533)April by Kunbi has been gone for a while but she cam stronger than ever with this beautiful fun and flirty collection.

DSC04439 (533x800)Phunk Afrique just did something for with this beautiful beaded jumpsuit and cape. Superwoman things yo!

DSC04442 (800x533)Uju Marshall, model of the moment, walking for Phunk Afrique. Same beaded technique used.

DSC04446 (800x533)The designer behind Phunk Afrique came out with her cute daughter at the end. Awwwwwwww!

DSC04458 (800x533)Orete Ayaba had a very interesting beauty look. Messy hair and dark eyes which contrasted with the colorful collection she sent out.

DSC04467 (800x533)Soboye is basically bae. Blue and shades of blue were the highlight of this collection. Gorgeous.

Here is a gallery of the LFDW Fashion Focus Finalists show. As I said, a bit meh but there was some promise.

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of our analysis of LFDW!

d3ola 🙂

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