I’ve really never been a wigs person. I’ve always loved carrying my hair out in the world – no matter how dry, short or ashy it looks. The issue with leaving all your hair out like that is that your hair hardly gets to rest. Protective styles help keep your hair away from your hands and keeps your ends tucked away. Low manipulation equals into retained length and good hair. My hair just kept on breaking and looking the same.

Insert the suggestions of wigs

I don’t hate wigs but I don’t love them. From what I see on social media, wigs are this HUGE thing that every woman has. Long or short but always silky, bouncy and smooth. With frontals and lace laid to the gods and looking like the hair is growing out of their scalp.

At first, I hated wigs but now, I’ve come to understand their place in our world. Not everyone has he time and money to do their hair every week. Wigs help in combatting that expense – you spend a few coins for a few units and you’re done. You just get your hair washed, plaited and you go about your life.

I do have some curly clip in extensions which I love from the bottom of my heart but I’m thinking of getting a curly wig one day. A wig that matches my hair texture but in an interesting color such as blue or grey. I’ve always wanted grey hair.

What do you think of wigs? Do you have any? Have you ever used one before or are you planning on getting any? Let me know in the comment section below!

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I use wigs all the time!!!
Been a great protective style but sometimes it makes me ignore my hair.


Same here – I don’t want to get so used to it that I forget my hair under it. I see so many lovely styles that I like so I guess I’ll try them one day

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