If you told me I would be going to KD this year, I would have laughed and gone back to sleep.

But yeah, I travelled to Kaduna for my friend’s wedding. Michi and I have been friends since uni, in fact, we were in the same department (Communications and Multimedia Studies) and we even did our final project together (we created a fashion/lifestyle/entertainment magazine called Yanga). Even after we graduated from school, we still kept in touch. She went to Paris for her Master’s and I went to the US but we still talked and chatted on Skype.

Michi was getting married to Damola and they met first semester in our first year! They have been together ever since and I am so so happy for them!

I and Michi in our final year

The plan was simple – take a bus from Lagos to KD on Wednesday, have two days in KD then come back on Saturday. Nobody wanted me to travel by road but when I asked people to drop the cash for the plane ticket, no one answered me. I took God is Good motors and we were supposed to leave by 6am but we left like 8am.

I was sat next to this guy who decided to bring his entire luggage with me and caused me a lot of discomfort. When someone finally dropped off in Auchi (in Edo State), he moved his stuff and I was so so happy.

Look at how much space he took up



We finally got to Kaduna around midnight then I took a keke to Mold Suites, a hotel really close to were the festivities would be happening.I shared the room with another girl, Fareeda, who I have also known since uni and is a bundle of energy and excitement.

If you want to see the hotel room I stayed in and know more about my experience staying there, watch my vlog cos the things that happened in that hotel are too much to type lool.

I had planned that I would go to the Nok Village and Matsirga Waterfalls in Kafancha the next day (Thursday) but either I forgot or I didn’t know that that was the day of the traditional engagement. I didn’t have anything to wear so Fareeda borrowed me a party dress to wear and we went to the bride’s room to meet the other girls and get ready for the party.

Michi getting ready with her 360 frontal wigs
Michi and Damola (her husband) at the traditional

The next day (Friday) was the Nikkai (Muslim traditional wedding) and the wedding reception. I didn’t go for the Nikkai cos I had nothing to wear so in that time, I did my makeup and got ready for the day

My look for the wedding reception
Our bride!
Bride Gang!

The reception happened very close to the bride’s hotel so it was a short taxi trip. We all danced in with the bride and groom and had fun during the ceremony. Damola and Michi’s first dance was a Whitney Houston song which made me cry cause it reminded me of the times she would play Whitney while we were back in school.

We (the groom’s and bride’s friends) were all waiting for the afterparty. After the older crowd left, we let loose! We danced and had so much fun. I’mma just drop a little clip for you guys to see

After all the parting, I went to my hotel room to go and pack and sleep before I had to get u early for my trip back to Lagos.

I’m so happy I was able to to go Kaduna. Not only for the wedding but I needed sometime away from Lagos with all the hustle and wahala. It was a great way for me to see my old friends, meet new ones and celebrate with one of my oldest ones.

What do you think of this post? I’m planning on going to a few more places this year and I’ll be documenting it here. Do let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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Thank you! My Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/omogemura

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