OmogeMuRa is a media partner for Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2017

Amira Ibrahim Alfa!

According to the founder of AFWN, Amira was chosen because she’s a model representation of today’s young African woman who is vibrant, vivacious, and who is unafraid to dream. By stepping out of the norm, Amira Ibrahim Alfa is making her mark in the industry and is contributing her own quota to society.

She was one of the presenters for the after party of AMVCA 2017. Amira has hosted several red carpet events including, Africa fashion Week Nigeria 2016, Ethan and Harriet 2016, Lagos Fashion and Design Week with Prime TV, and Runway FADAN 2016. She was a judge on the Miss Ideal Nigeria 2016 pageant and she has won the Glam & Essence Most Promising red carpet host award 2016.

I can’t wait to see more from this beautiful young lady! AFWN 2017 is coming together and I am very excited for it all. OmogeMuRa will be giving out tickets so stay locked on my Twitter and Instagram accounts to see how you can win tickets to AFWN 2017!


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