Have you heard of Jiji.ng? It’s a new online platform where you can buy and even sell anything. Literally. Anything.

They are described as the #1 Nigerian online marketplace for real people. They have a wide array of sellers selling a lot of stuff from electronics, furniture, equipment and even clothes. You know me, I love some clothes.

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A lot of people are scared of buying things online because of scams but read the following story and lay your fears to rest. This woman needed a fab prom dress for her niece and through Jiji.ng, she found it.

“My niece came to me a couple of weeks ago, asking for my help. She needed a dress for prom and she didn’t know where to buy a beautiful but budget friendly dress. I am a busy, busy woman and I had no time to walk up and down Balogun market to look for a dress for her. And all the options I saw online were too expensive or just not what we wanted. My son told me about Jiji.ng and I was immediately able to navigate and browse through hundreds and hundreds of dresses from real people.

After a couple of hours of browsing the site, my niece and I decided of a particularly beautiful red dress. We contacted the merchant and set up an appointment at her store right away.

We arrived at the merchant’s store and my niece tried on the dress. She looked absolutely stunning and I was so glad our search for the perfect prom dress was over. We negotiated over the price of the dress and my niece left very, very happy.”

Glad she was able to find her niece the perfect dress!

Head over to Jiji.ng to buy that next dress. Happy shopping!

Stay fab


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