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On Saturday, Pandora launched it’s fourth store in Ikeja at the Ikeja City Mall. It has three other stores in Nigeria, one in Abuja, one in Ibadan and one in Lekki.

Dija, one of the Mavins, performed at ICM. Her hair is BEAUTIFUL; I tried so hard not to touch it when she was near me.

Pandora is known around the world for it’s charms and bracelets and I think it will be a welcome addition to the Nigerian market. Plus, boys now have no excuse for not getting their girls presents for birthdays and other special occasions.

View more from the event below!

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Look at the pretty necklaces!

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Just for 27,500, these are perfect for Valentine’s day.

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Check out that promo and don’t miss out on it!

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Dija is super pretty!

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Dija performing outside for Pandora.

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Dija with her Pandora bracelets with charms

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DSC_0991 (533x800)Heyo!

Visit Pandora and get yourself some jewellery today!

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