Weddings and pearls go together like peas in a pod. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve undoubtedly thought about wearing pearls or using these gorgeous gems in your décor for the big night. If you have pearls that were passed down from a grandmother, mother or aunt, you have another very special reason to include them in your wedding ensemble.

Pearls have a rich history, and have been connected to wedding for centuries. Elegant, delicate and flattering, pearls are a beautiful choice for any bride. A set of pearl earrings and a single strand necklace look amazing with understated dress styles, while studs and a pendant-style necklace or bracelet compliment a more dramatic gown without being overbearing. However you choose to wear them, however, be sure to give them the treatment they need before the event.

Pearl TLC

What treatment, you wonder? Why, cleaning and restringing of course! Did you know that your pearls need this TLC as often as once a year? A little-known fact about pearls strands is that the delicate silk or nylon that holds these gems together frays as time goes by, and is more likely to tear or cause damage to your precious pearls if it’s not replaced once in a while. If your pearls are a family heirloom, they are likely in need of some repair. Once you get them restrung, you will see that they shine much more brightly and are better able to withstand frequent use.

To get your pearls restrung, speak with a professional pearl jeweler who will ensure that your gems get the loving care they deserve, with hand-knotting and a personal touch. You can probably clean your pearls at home on your own, if you choose to do so, with a gentle cleanser and warm water (never use harsh chemicals on pearls!). Keep your pearls stored in a safe place to avoid unnecessary dirt, buildup or damage.

No Compromises

Pearl restringing is also a great opportunity to renew your jewelry look by changing the style of your pearls. If you had a specific piece of jewelry in mind for your wedding, restringing offers a wonderful opportunity to have your pearls set in the style of your dreams! You can have them restrung in several different items, such as a pendant necklace, some earrings and a bracelet, or combine several pieces to create a stunning double or triple strand for your special day. You may have hoped to wear pearls in your hair and you can easily have your pearls set on a comb or on a customized strand which can be woven through an intricate updo for maximum glamour.

Pearls Everywhere

Pearls also make great accents for wedding décor, and look amazing woven through the flowers of a bridal bouquet or gleaming among the flowers and candlelight of your centerpieces. Don’t hesitate to be creative when it comes to your wedding jewelry and styles: pearls are always appropriate and speak volumes on their own!

What do you think? Do you wear pearls? Do you ever plan to wear them? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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