You might have known photo booths to be the ideal memory makers and icebreakers. But have you ever thought of it as a potent marketing machine? A number of starter enterprises who think out of the box have already given it a try. If you have hardly crossed the boundary of the traditional marketing tactics and looking for something to give your brand a boost, then consider arranging a corporate party. Your event needs to have a mish-mash of unlimited fun, candid interactions with the new and loyal clients and marketing. So how should you keep the networking ball to roll on?

What Should The Rental Include?

You need to understand that photobooths are meant to cater to the guests for every given occasion, ranging from private gatherings, weddings, and fundraising events. Premier Service providers like LOL Photo Booth and others offer different types of units to cater to different occasions. There is indeed nothing called a free lunch. Yet, the guests visiting your product launch event would expect to ‘take back’ something. For example, look for the packages offering unlimited snapshots so that your guests take home as many pictures as they want. Never underestimate the need of providing your guests with fun props. Hence, your service provider needs to offer a complimentary, or low-priced, yet well-stocked prop box, as well. A number of booth hiring companies offer photo strips. You can customize them by putting your company logo on them. The photo strips come with a number of layout options, as well. The overall feel of just about any type of booths remains incomplete without a fitting background. Hence, ask your hire agency to offer backdrops that go well with the real feel of your event.

Extras To Look For

When it comes to hiring a corporate photo booth, your rental plan would ideally include certain perks. Hence, as the organizer, you have to look for special services like the incorporation of the new age technologies in the booth. As for example, a real-time slideshow presentation would allow your guests to view what is going on inside the booths. Ensure that you arrange for both colored and black and white pictures. This will help your guests to make their images in the way that they want them to be. To ensure a hassle-free experience, a professional agency would also appoint a friendly booth operator to see that everything runs smoothly. Last, but not the least, your service provider might also offer you a free scrapbook where you can preserve the silly-and-sweet memories of the special day.

Understanding The Basics

You would need to go more beyond a corporate photo booth hire to make the most of your event. Begin by adding customized backdrops and exterior wraps to decorate the booth with. A number of high-end service providers like LOL Photo Booth offer unlimited social media integration. This allows your guests share their images directly via email, as well as on Facebook, Pinterest and the like. However, you have to be smart and selective regarding the platform that you would choose for your event. As for example, Pinterest works wonders for visual occasions like a fashion event. However, it might not work excellent for trade shows and conferences.

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