The Luxury Beauty Brunch happened last weekend and as media partners, we were there to eat, learn and network with people in the beauty and skincare industry. It was a lot of fun hearing talks from different stakeholders in the industry about their brands/products and how to achieve ‘Gorgeous skin, Gorgeous Hair’ (which was the theme of the brunch).

Continue on below for more from the Brunch and what we did when there!

DSC_0157 (800x533)The Brunch was held at Rhapsody’s in VI. Love the bright blue lights.

DSC_0161 (800x533)
Tokunbo Chinedu of Design Essentials, talking about the brand

DSC_0163 (800x533)

DSC_0164 (800x533)
A salad for all you grass eaters (I kid, I eat salads as well)

DSC_0165 (800x533)
My plate

DSC_0166 (800x533)
So there was a competition to draw how you looked when applying your makeup. This was my entry. So so bad

Tayo, CEO of World PR

DSC_0174 (800x533)
Owner of Venivici Spa, talking about skincare

DSC_0187 (800x533)
Leslie Okoye, talking about her skincare brand, Cookie Skin

DSC_0194 (800x533)
There was a catwalk competition for the best ‘Touch of Yellow’. Adaku and Miriam won

DSC_0201 (800x533)
All the speakers and some media partners with Tayo

DSC_0203 (800x533)
Guests after the brunch

I went home with a fab goody bag which contained some stuff from each of the brands. I gave some stuff out at TPL because I had way too much stuff and didn’t even know what to do with it lool.

Hope you enjoyed my little recap. I’m still hungry tho 🙁

Stay fab!

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