On Friday, OmogeMuRa had a small party made up of friends, family, supporters and fellow bloggers who came out to celebrate our 5th year of Blogging. It was a low key affair cos everything came out of pocket and I cannot come and die lool. I actually invited a bunch of people but I am so glad that not a lot of people came. Made everything super intimate and cool.

If you follow the Kardashian sisters, you know at their events, they have a special black and white photobooth. For my party, I replicated that by taking people’s pictures with a ring light to illuminate then used a special B/W preset in Adobe Lightroom. When the pictures came out, I was pretty excited because they all look so cool. I hope I can do this sort of thing all the time at future events.

Here are the portraits of the wonderful guests that came out to celebrate with me and OmogeMuRa. I had other photos of the food, drinks, location and stuff but my memory card decided to act up and all I have are these photos. Enjoy!

Tobi of TCD Photography
Chidera Muoka of GuardianLife with Ane

Oge Agu
Henry Uduku
Fareeda Abdulkarrem
Damola of @LacquerandLaceNG
Edwin Okolo
Steven Wayne


Desola of BellaNaija and her bae
Tayo of WorldPR


Nkem of CompleteFashion
Ifeoma of The Sunflower
Chidi aka Lexash

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with me and OmogeMuRa. I really appreciate it and I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

I also want to say another thank you to everyone else – to the people that follow me on social media, that like my posts, that RT them, that comment on posts on the blog, the ones that say hi to me in public and take selfies with me. Just thank you for being there and being the best tribe a girl could ever have. You guys are my ride or dies and I love you all! Here’s to 5, 10, 15, 20 more years!

Stay fab!


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5 years is no joke! Congrats!!

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Thank you so much!
PS – I’ve had Disqus for some time now 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


Thank you! ^_^

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