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I’m back with another makeup tutorial! This look is based on the ‘holo eye’ eyeshadow look which is way of using two colors of eye shadow in a new and interesting way. I discovered it on Reddit and decided to try it out using different colors of eyeshadow. This is my favorite combination so far and I’m going to show you how to do it!

Start off with a moisturized and primed face. Always moisturize!

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Fill in your eyebrows. Now this is a very glam look so I thought a high arch would fit well.

Prime your eyes so that your eyeshadow will last. I’m using Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Eye Primer and NYX Eyeshadow Base

DSC_9210 (640x427)Make sure to cover your whole lid and a little below. You’ll understand soon!

DSC_9212 (640x427)For this holo eye tutorial, I’ll be using black and pink eyeshadow from the Marc Jacobs Vamp eyeshadow palette. You can use any two colors of your choice (I want to try green and brown next time).

DSC_9214 (640x427)

Use a small eyeshadow brush and apply the black to the corners of your eyes and your lower lash line.

DSC_9215 (640x427)

Then, using a proper eyeshadow brush, apply the pink to the center of your lid and below.

DSC_9217 (640x427)

Using an eyeshadow contour brush, apply the black to the outer corner of your eye and lower lash line.

DSC_9220 (640x427)

Your eye should look like a weird flag. This is where your blending brush comes in!

DSC_9221 (640x427)

Use your blending brush and blend those colors out! Blend your crease and where the two colors meet on both sides.

DSC_9224 (640x427)

Look at that! Isn’t that pretty?

DSC_9226 (640x427)

To add some intensity, line your waterline with a jet black eye pencil.

DSC_9234 (640x427)Use a mascara that will add volume and length to your lashes. I’m using Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara. It adds drama to any look!

DSC_9237 (640x427)Tada! It’s that pretty?

Now apply your foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer etc any how you want. The only tip I have for your face is to highlight (either using a highlighter or powder) really well as that will bring out your features and give you a glow that is perfect for this look.

DSC_9242 (640x427)

Here I am after doing all my face stuff. I’ll have a post about my foundation routine one of these days.

Now on to the lips

DSC_9243 (640x427)

I’ll be using Milani’s lip pencil in lilac and Elizabeth Arden Lip Gloss in Latte. You simply use any lipstick or lipgloss of your choice that goes with your chosen eye colors.

DSC_9244 (640x427)

First, line and fill in your lips with your lip pencil.

DSC_9245 (640x427)Then, layer on your lipstick/lipgloss.

DSC_9250 (640x427)And that’s it! Don’t forget to use a setting spray or powder to set your beautiful face!

Will you be trying the holo eye look? Let me know and tag me in your pictures either on Twitter or IG – @omogemura

Stay fab and pretty!


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I have the same Lip pencil and I love it.

Definitely going to try out the holo eyeshadow technique, Great Post πŸ™‚



Do try it out and let me know how it goes!
Thanks for stopping by!


Do try it out and let me know what you think!
Thanks for stopping by!

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