Hey Guys,

This weeks product of the week is one that has been used on array of celebrities ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian to Janet Jackson. This product is not the most popular but the few reviews that are available claim for it to be amazing!! I definitely agree with that claim! This product is absolutely amazing , its extremely versatile,portable and gives me amazing,HD WORTHY! skin. I have been having issues with flashback in photos from my foundation and even went as far as buying a new camera just to correct it!.

This Foundation/concealer photographs beautifully and I must say it may be a Holy Grail product for me…

I filmed this review a few days ago after testing out the product once, since then I have worn this for a week and I LOVE it! It also holds up for about 8-10 hours which is awesome.
DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t sound very excited in the review but it was filmed after a fairly long day..

Here are pictures of me wearing the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin enhancer:

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Naomi Nafemi

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